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Zimmer MedizinSystems:

Cryo 5

  • Award Winning Zimmer Cooler
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Light Weight Hose
  • One Touch Operation
  • 6 Fan Speeds
  • No Consumables
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Proven Technology
Zimmer Cryo 5

Cryo 5:  The Award Winning Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryo Chiller

Winner of the Editor's Choice Award for Best Stand Alone Epidermal Cooling Device. (Aesthetic Trends and Technologies)

Cryo 5:  Maximizing Patient Comfort & Minimizing Side Effects

The manufacturer Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryo 5 cooler minimizes pain and thermal injury during laser and IPL treatments, and provides temporary relief for cosmetic injections.

Cryo 5:  Cooling Before, During, and After

Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray, or ice packs, the official Cryo 5 can cool the epidermis before, during, and after any non-invasive laser or IPL treatment. The operator can customize the intensity of the skin cooling system by choosing among 6 different airflow rates.